Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Commemorating Devonshire's 100 Years

This was our other place of exploration on Thanksgiving Monday. I had never been to Devonshire school but with 3 kids at loose ends and abandoned by my spouse for the afternoon, I decided to check it out.

Why Devonshire?  Devonshire Avenue Public School will be celebrating its 100th anniversary on Friday.  That's a milestone  There will be a BBQ, music (the Aardvaark Big Band), a Speakers Corner so you can record your memories of the school for their time capsule birthday cake, school tours, memorabilia displays etc etc!  For more information see http://www.devonshireps.ocdsb.ca/100years.html

The school was build in 1910 and first named Breeze Hill Public School. It was expanded and renamed in 1921 after the then Governor General, the Duke of Devonshire, who inaugurated the new wing. The plaque near the front door notes that the school is built in a Collegiate Gothic style typical of Ottawa schools of that era as is the Tudor entrance way, stone foundation and brick detailing.

There was one other mother with a son at the school when we arrived and of course we got to chatting.  She explained that the signs for "Girls" over the south door (pictured below) and "Boys" over the north door had identified the separate yards that the two used at recess or lunch.  Apparently the school will re-enact that separation as one of their commemoration activities. 

That's a little piece of history.  One hundred years does change things.  What's nice about Devonshire is that the building remains as a reminder.