Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What to do on a Saturday Morning?

Oh, of course, you could sleep in but is that really going to happen? 

If not, the best antidote to the Saturday-morning-wanna-sleep-in blues is a great plan to keep yourselves and the little ones busy.  Below are some ideas, some have been mentioned in other posts, others are new to this post.  Try one, try them all....enjoy.


There aren't that many Saturday morning playgroups but these are worth checking out:

The Hilson Avenue Java Jumpers - what a fitting name, I love it.  Led by the ever energetic Jenn Whiten this group meets every Saturday morning from 10 till 1 at Hilson Avenue Public School.  You guessed it, coffee is served, and this weekend they have the added bonus of hosting a performance of Hey Buster!, the local Dads turned cool kids band!  Registration is through Dovercourt at http://www.dovercourt.org/.

Mothercraft playgroup - a quieter version of what is often a very busy weekday playgroup, it also features more Dads than usual, providing a sometimes welcome change to the "mom" buzz and a chance for the neighbourhood Dads (and moms too of course) to get together.  It runs from 9 to 11 every Saturday except on long weekends and except on the last Saturday of every month.  It's located on the second floor of the Mothercraft building at 475 Evered Avenue.(2 streets east of Churchill and just south of Byron).  For more information and to check dates, visit http://www.mothercraft.com/

The Library

Family storytime at Carlingwood Library - Saturday mornings from 10:30 - 11:10 am - we went to this regularly for years; it's pleasant, it's low-key, it's free and who knows you might get to sign out some books for yourself while you're there.  Regardless you're guaranteed to find new kids titles, meet some other parents and perhaps start a post-library coffee tradition at Carlingwood Mall.  Check http://www.biblioottawalibrary.ca/ for more details and to confirm dates.  No registration required.


Another typical Saturday morning "dad" activity - parent and tot swim lessons at Dovercourt http://www.dovercourt.org/


Drumming?  Yes, drumming.  And not just any drumming, it's drumming with "Baobab Buds" at Baobab Tree on Piccadilly.  This is a new group for parents and tots that is running for 4 weeks starting on January 29th (that's this Saturday).  The cost is $60 for the 4 sessions.

The class is described as "A hands-on class for parents and children aged 12-24 months, exploring sounds, rhythms and movement through the lens of Ghanaian drumming dancing and singing.  It's  Taught by Baobab instructor Julia Walmsley."  If you're not familiar with Baobab Tree check them out at http://www.baobabtree.org/ - they're a terrific organization that successfully blends music and international awareness for all ages.


The Ottawa School of Speech & Drama has classes ranging from pre-school drama through to musical theatre for 8-10 yr olds, all on Saturday mornings.  While parents are welcome to stay for the preschool class it is not required.  Check out the OSSD offerings at http://www.ossd.com/

Infant Massage

Mothercraft is offering a 3 week infant massage course starting on Saturday, February 5th.  Registration is required so please contact Mothercraft at 613 728-1839 to inquire as to space. 

Cherish the Child also offers infant massage as well as Sing, Rhyme and Sign classes at the Milkface location on Churchill Avenue.  Their offerings include a Dad Zone-ly version of the class to give Dads equal time with baby.  Check their website for more info at http://www.cherishthechild.ca/CherishTheChild/Infant_Massage_Class.html