Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Smells & Boot Liners

As I walked into my sons school today I smelt the smell of, shall we say, "spring", to put it kindly.  This certain scent that arrives in elementary schools annually at this time of year is the product of many, many pairs of boots that have been worn by many, many pairs of feet, walked through many, many puddles and basically haven't been cleaned properly in about 4 months. 

My apologies for generalizing as I'm sure there are those of you who clean them regularly!

In portable classrooms where the shoes are kept inside the same room as the students, it is particularly bad.  Frankly, I'm sure it would give me a headache.  How do teachers deal with this?  Do they have any suggestions?  This will only get worse and I need to try something!

I have briefly scoured the internet (if one can actually scour something briefly) and come up with baking soda, kitty litter and tea tree oil.  Does anybody have tips or solutions to counter this phenomenon?  Are there commercial products that really work??  While of course one can wash the liners they do take a long time to dry.....they certainly would not be ready for the next days wear.