Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shakespeare in the Park (Clare Gardens and Hintonburg)

a Company of Fools,Bringing Shakespeare to life in Canada since 1990!Have you considered exposing your children to Shakespeare? It’s often a bit daunting for parents to take their children to more "serious” theatre, but this summer there are a number of performances in our neighbourhood parks that can change that. I think it is a great opportunity for slightly older children to get a sense of live theatre, depending of course on levels of interest / maturity. And face it, parks are open areas, you can always leave if you need to, and the price is right – a recommended $10 per person when the hat is passed.  So take a stroll past and see if it catches your child"s (and your) fancy!

“A Company of Fools” will be presenting “Antony and Cleopatra” at Clare Gardens Park (off Clare Avenue, between Kirkwood and Churchill) on Tuesday, July 19th, and at Hintonburg Park, just south of Wellington Avenue off Fairmont (by St. François d’Assise Church) on July 29th and 30th. They do plenty of elementary school workshops so they do know children though the shows are not specifically designed for children.

The Company describes themselves as “Ottawa’s longest running independent professional Shakespeare company: our mandate is to produce innovative, entertaining and accessible shows based on the works of William Shakespeare.”  Sounds good to me.

More information about A Company of Fools can be found at