Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do-si-do....Family Dances!

Family Dances in your Neighbourhood
Do-si-do and around you go... All take hands and circle to the left....
Into the middle and clap!
Sound like fun? Do you know children who love to dance? This year Ottawa’s Contra Dance community will be hosting three family dances. Family dances are fun, easy-to-learn and for people of all ages. They include simple formations such as circles, lines and bridges. Children love them, and so do adults.
Family dances include a live band and caller. The caller walks everyone through the formations of the dance before the music starts. Then the real dancing begins with lots of laughing, hopping, and sometimes singing. Family dances are a great way to connect with your children, friends, neighbours and people of all ages. Recommended for ages 3 and up, though smaller children can also hop along, and really young ones can dance in a backpack or sling.
Ottawa’s first family dance of the season is Saturday, Oct 20th at the Churchill Recreation CEntre, 345 Richmond Road, between Churchill and Roosevelt. Check out the Ottawa Contra Dance webpage for more information: www.ottawacontra.ca
Oct 20, 330-5pm
Churchill Recreation Centre, 345 Richmond Road
$10 per adult, children are free!
This is a FAMILY DANCE for kids and their parents - happening on Saturday, October 20th from 3:30-5:00pm!
Come on out to a fun family dance with live music (fiddle and guitar). All dances are taught by an experienced family dance leader.
NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!! Family dances are for all ages - recommended for 3+ but younger can definitely participate (plus wee wee ones can participate in backpacks and slings).
Kids are free, $10 for adults.
PS - please bring indoor shoes to protect the city's wood floor!