Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eating our way down Carling from Churchill to Sherbourne

I'm thinking of ways to make our 2 month apartment stay more exciting.  I'm also thinking of ways to avoid cooking.  There are 16 restaurants/food outlets on Carling between Churchill and Sherbourne (a 1 km, 4 block strip), representing a variety of cuisines.  Our goal is to eat at each one of them and particularly those that we have never tried before.  Our goal is also to ensure that we all find something to eat at each one.  My boys are picky eaters, both with very different tastes, who don't typically appreciate dining out .  Meals for them are sustenance but after that they'd rather go do other things.  Skip the conversation!

If you have any recommendations let me know!

The list of restaurants, starting at the Sherbourne Carling intersection on the south side heading east to Churchill and then returning on the north side, is: 
  • Manila's Best Supermarket
  • Tim Horton's
  • Mrs. Le Restaurant Vietnamese Cuisine
  • Amber Garden & Dalmacia
  • 1000 Sushi Islands
  • Georgie's Pizza
  • Japanese Shogun
  • Ho Lee Chow
  • The Pizza Shop
  • Mr. Sub
  • The Rose Bowl
  • Silver Spoon Thai Cuisine
  • Pizza Pizza
  • Aladdin Convenience
  • Malak Pastry
  • S & G Fries and Burgers