Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We are back in our house, our home, after 2 months of reno.  We are happy to be here....though surprisingly, on leaving our 2-bedroom apartment the boys said "but we liked living here...".  That's good, but I like more space.  I almost wrote "need more space" but we learnt from our sojourn away that in fact it's quite possible to make do with less and that our family would still be our family one way or another - warts and all.  What were the best things about living in a 2-bedroom apartment with 3 kids?
  • having less stuff - it's surprisingly liberating;
  • the big boys shared a room without a fuss!
  • no child felt lonely when they went to bed - we were all too close by
  • there was a school bus stop right outside the apartment and my kids had playdates with kids they hadn't really played with before;
  • we could walk to Carlingwood;
  • Malak pastries - baklava!
  • "Survive!" by Parker Brothers (circa 1982), a game my husband hauled out of the closet before we moved.