Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Science & Technology - The best deal in town

I started going to the Canada Science & Technology Museum even before my eldest was 1.  It was a hot summer, we didn't have air conditioning and museums were the best place I could find to beat the heat.  We've had a membership ever since and after our visit today I wanted to express why Science & Tech must be the best deal in town!

A 1-year family membership to 3 museums: Science & Tech, the Agriculture Museum (Experiemental Farm) and the Aviation Museum costs $90.  If you live in Ottawa that means your family only has to visit the museums 4 times to make it worth the cost and you'll likely end up going a lot more than that.  Travel to Toronto or Montreal and you'll get free access to the Ontario Science Centre (a $58 value) or the Montreal Science Museum (a $38 value).  It is equally good for many museums (over 290, in fact) across Canada (our other favorite being the Discovery Centre in Halifax, a $29 value) and the United States. 

The Museum has had a bit of a facelift - there is a new exhibit about the Canadian Car with vehicles dating back to the beginning of automobile days.  The new preschool area is packed with lego, trains and other creative toys. 

Not only that, but there were plenty of outdoor activities.  The steam train - a pre-1950's Shay locomotive and the hi-light of our visit -was operating.  There was a water rocket demonstration along with plenty of room to simply run around and a couple of hills to roll down.  Take your lunch and picnic at the sheltered outdoor picnic area while the weather's still good or pop by the indoor cafeteria.

Please note that the museum will be closed from September 13-17 for annual maintenance