Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What did you do this summer?

Summer is a passing whirlwind.  Help your children remember what they did by making a few simple lists.  What did they do for the first time?  What places did they visit?  Which relatives did they see?  Who did they meet?  They'll exercise their memories, be prepared for the perennial question "what did you do this summer" and might even reflect on how lucky they are!

My kids rode for the first time:
  • a horse (at their cousins, Pam and Pat)
  • a camel (at Granby Zoo)
  • a sailboat (in Chester, thanks to friends)
  • an ATV (thanks to my Mom's neighbours in Halifax - yes they said it was the best day of their life)
  • a steam train (at the Science and Technology Museum)
  • a gondola (at Mont Tremblant)
  • a luge run (also at Tremblant)
They visited Mont Tremblant, Halifax and Quebec City.

One did a tennis/sailing camp and one did a hockey camp.  They spent 2 days at a Cosmic Adventures camp and went to Karters Korners.

They saw their cousins Cameron, Nathan, Megan, Karyn, Katie and Curtis, Nana Mary, Grampy Eldon and Nanny, Aunt Diny, Uncle Larry, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Ron, Aunt Denise and Uncle Erik.

They went to Mont Cascades water park, the Botanical Gardens in Montreal, the Quebec Aquarium, the New Brunswick Botanical Gardens, the Halifax International Buskers Festival and Granby Zoo.

And the summer's not over yet!