Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Shopping for the Young Set

We moved to this neighbourhood in 2001, just before having our first baby.  Mountain Equipment had just moved it, the pharmacy was still on the corner of Churchill and Richmond and Boomerang was a store in Old Ottawa South.  Things have changed and on the shopping front I'd say for the better - though I've certainly  lost a few of my old favorites too.

Want to know what's out there without searching the web or driving the neighbourhood?  Here are the beginnings of my list and yes, it is the beginning, so watch as it continues to grow.  I haven't even been to all of these stores and am really looking forward to visiting them and writing about them in the coming weeks.  Anything you'd like to add?  What's your favorite and why?  I'd love to know =  )

Boomerang Kids, 261 Richmond Road,
Chickpea Childrens Boutique - 1395 Wellington St. West,
The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe, 11131 Wellington St. West,;
Fab Baby Gear, 1308 Wellington St. West,
Kiddie Kobbler, 393 Richmond Rd.,
MilkFace, 445 Churchill Ave N. (
Mrs Tiggy Winkles / Lost Marbles, 317 Richmond Rd.,
Peek-a-Boo Natural Toys, 992 Wellington Ave. West, JUST OPENED! 
Playvalue Toys -
Red Chair Kids, 1318 Wellington St. West,
Scholar,s Choice, Carlingwood Mall,
West End Kids, 373 Richmond Rd.,