Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A blog about a blog about biking

I don’t usually blog about other peoples blogs but here’s the thing: if you like to bike and you have a family that likes to bike you should read this blog:

A majority of it is written by neighbourhood parent and avid cyclist Kathleen Wilker. Her blog focuses on family cycling and at this particular time includes the following topics:
  • Bicycle Adventures in the City
  • After School Bike Club (yes our local schools are becoming more bicycle conscious.  Broadview had a bike rodeo last week and at least two local schools have bicycle champions and bicycle clubs.  Fantastic ideas that are catching on fast)
  • Bike Decorating Part II (in preparation for the Hintonburg Bike Parade to ArtsPark on May 28th and in conjunction with Hintonburg's knitting and fibre haven Wabi Sabi
  • Bike + Fibre = Parade Ready Bike Art (again, Wabi Sabi)
  • Cycle the Social History of West Ottawa (a Jane's Walk on wheels)
  • The ABC's of Bike Repair
  • Go Take a (Bike) Hike

It also includes some equally interesting topics by other authors, including coach and gear expert Michael Stenning such as:
  • Children and Competitive Riding: How, when and why should kids be introduced to racing?
  • How to Successfully Resolve Cycling Disputes
  • Bike Trailer 101
  • Family of 5 Rides the MS Bike Tour for the 5th Time, by Grant Lawson 
Momentum Planet ( also has a full fledged cycling magazine available in both a digital and print version if you're looking for broader coverage of cycling issues.  But start with Kathleen's blog.  I think you'll find it's worth it.