Friday, May 6, 2011

Lego - Fun Facts

In honour of the Lego Garden at the Tulip Festival this year I'm writing a post about Lego, something I've thought of doing for a while, initially on the organizational aspect.  I'm going to keep it short and sweet though.  Here goes:


  • The Lego founder Ole Kirk Christiansen was born in 1872 in Billund, Denmark, where the first lego factory was created, producing all wood products.
  • Lego first came to Canada via a Lego licensing agreement with Samsonite that lasted from 1962 to about 1972.
  • When I was about 3 my parents bought the electric lego train set that was initially marketed in 1968.  It was awesome and I wish they'd kept it!
  • The best Ottawa store for lego is Playvalue on Carling just past the split; also to be found at (yes, they ship and have previous year's merchandise at sale prices).
  • Toys R Us has a good selection as well that has improved vastly in the last couple of years; see and they ship as well.
  • You can shop for Lego online at and they sometimes have items after local stores have sold out; they also have sale items and specialty items that are not often retailed (eg the $500 Starwars ship that my son wanted - but did not get - for his 9th birthday).
  • There are lots of kids' computer games on the Lego website; they also market a multiplayer online game known as Lego Universe that we did just purchase but have yet to play.
  • Chicago has a Legoland discovery center and there are full Legoland theme parks in California and Florida;

Instructions and Organization (aka Project Critical)
  • Lego instructions for sets dating back to the 1950's (yes, the 1950's) are available on what I consider one of the best lego websites ever, at; They also have great vintage Lego images.
  • Lego addictions (they're a good addiction to have) can lead to Lego storage issues.  For a great article on solutions see
  • If you have multiple children, label the instructions for each set with the owners name and then keep all instructions in a plastic bin.  It lessens arguments!  Source: personal experience.