Monday, March 26, 2012

Bicycle Disposal

That title sounds dreadfully clinical.  What this is really about is recycling kids bicycles, because if you're like us, the garage tends to pile up "a little".

We have 3 boys. The older two are too close in size and age to allow for hand-me-downs. The youngest is 6 years younger. Storing 12 bike years (6 years x 2 boys = 12) worth of bicycles seems unfathonomable.  And at least a couple of the bikes are a little, well, worn....the boys have not always been easy on their bicycles and some have been handy-me downs themselves.

So what are the options:

(1) there is almost always a younger child down the street or around the corner who would love a new-to-him-or-her bicycle. What goes around comes around.  Pass it on and someone, somewhere, will give you something, however remotely, in return. And you'll make someone happy while saving a bike from landfill. It's all good.

(2) if your children are riding adult bicycles there are two other main options for donating:
(3) Neither B4H or Recycle take children's bikes, so....consider either of these three options:
This is a very quick post, but hey, maybe if you're cleaning out your garage this weekend it will help!