Friday, March 9, 2012

Viva Loca Coffee Time for Parents, Babies and Toddlers

So I received a super nice e-mail today from the owner and operator of Viva Loca cafe which is located inside the Great Canadian Theater Company (GCTC) building at the corner of Holland and Wellington, 1233 Wellington Street West.

She is extending an invitation to the many parents and babies in the area to meet and socialize at her cafe on Wednesdays from 2-4.  It's a pleasant setting with excellent wholesome food (and coffee!) available and what could be better than knowing that you're truly welcome with your little ones in tow and that you're likely to meet some other neighbourhood parents as well? 

Once inside the doors of the building there is plenty of space to park strollers and an area for toddlers to play. Viva Loca will offer parents a beverage discount and (in my view) you also might want to consider taking advantage of a late lunch - may I say yummy panini sandwiches : ).  And if you're lucky your toddler might even want to peak at the art work displayed throughout the theatre (so grown-up!).

For more information about the enterprise (they also sell a wide variety of locally produced yummy foods) as well as a photo of the space, see

Sounds lovely.