Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Letter from the Broadview School Council Chairs

I'm posting the below just in case you have not seen it elsewhere.  Important issues are being raised about Broadview school and the state of the City's schools generally.  The issues are important for both present and future Broadview parents but also for all other OCDSB schools, students and parents as well as the community at large.

Dear Broadview Community,

Many of you have probably seen the recent media coverage of the campaign to rebuild Broadview. This is a result of the OCDSB’s Business Services Committee meeting from March 28 where Jennifer McKenzie requested an amendment to move us from our current position on the capital priority list as a $4 million renovation to a rebuild. After a lengthy debate of more than four hours, 7 of the 12 Trustees voted in favor of a rebuild for Broadview, giving us a majority vote. Unfortunately, the meeting was adjourned before the vote was ratified. Trustee Donna Blackburn in particular has been criticized for her support of the Broadview rebuild.

The critical state at Broadview remains unchanged. Feedback from the community has consistently been in favor of a rebuild. The facts are:

The OCDSB identified in their own reports a need for repairs in the amount of $7.5 million.

To accommodate full day kindergarten, a seventh addition onto our school at a cost of $1.5 million is being proposed by the Board.

$4 million proposed in repair funds for Broadview would still leave the school, by the Board’s own assessment, in a “critical” state.

It’s an 85-year old building that has been neglected for years.

The Broadview School Council and the Build a Better Broadview subcommittee will continue to work closely with MPP Yasir Naqvi and Trustee Jennifer McKenzie in the best interests of our students and teachers. We look forward to creating a long-term vision for Broadview that supports the needs of our growing community.

How You Can Help!

The next OCDSB meeting is Monday, April 30 in the Trustees Committee Room, 133 Greenbank Rd. The vote to move Broadview to the capital priority list for a rebuild will take place at this time. Please make time to attend this meeting and support our school!

Full-Day Kindergarten

Full day kindergarten remains scheduled for Broadview for 2013. The current OCDSB plan is to invest $1.5 million to add on a seventh addition to the school. While no plans have been finalized with regards to how full day kindergarten will be implemented in 2013, the School Council feels that the full day kindergarten plan should be part of a long term vision for Broadview. A community meeting will be scheduled in May looking for your feedback. Please attend and help us create a long term vision for Broadview.

We are continuing to update the Build a Better Broadview website with new information. However, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or to get involved.

Thank you for your continued support.

Liz Burgess and Claire Todd
Co-Chairs, Broadview School Council

Build a Better Broadview website: http://broadviewparents.org/rebuildbroadview
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