Thursday, April 29, 2010

Broadview's Annual Jazz Cafe

Jazz Cafe is at 7:00 tomorrow night (Friday, April 30th) at Broadview Avenue Public School, 590 Broadview Avenue.  If you want to support music in our schools attending this event is both a great way to do it and a great evening out. There is a silent auction followed by performances by the Grade 8 jazz band, a debut of the Grade 7 jazz band and a grand finale with the Broadview Alumni Jazz Band.  A free desert and beverage (served to your table in the gym transformed into cafe complete with intimate tables and mood lighting) are included.

The main reason to go - the music is good.  Second of all, it's impressive to see the musical progression through the 7s and 8s through to the alumni.  Clearly a lot is being accomplished as these bands have talent and the enthusiasm and good feeling of the event make up for any missed notes.  It is of course also a great opportunity to see what your children and your neighbours children are doing, to realize what a contribution Ginger Jacobson and her team make to the school, and to catch up with your neighbours and neighbourhood.  Advance tickets are $8 for adults and students $5 or $10 for adults at the door.  You won't get a better deal on an evening out.