Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday Excursion - Parc Louis-Roy, Aylmer

It's a milestone - my kids' feet reach the ground at Dovercourt from the monkey bars!  We got a tip from a friend about a great play structure in Aylmer so we decided to hunt it down.  This was not just any playstructure and was well worth the trip.  It's located in Parc Louis-Roy in Aylmer (Gatineau).  It was built a year and a half ago by a company called Landscape Structures and it is awesome for older kids (eg. 5 -12). 

Not only is this structure great to play on but it's a lesson in physics as well.  Why do you stay on the super narrow slide with no sides?  How do you climb the spinning corkscrew?  Why do the tilted seats continue to spin without you pushing them?

The park is flanked by the charming older neighbourhood of Witchwood on one side and a new development on the other.  Paved walking paths lead from the new development and there are plenty of comfortable benches.  Toward Witchwood there is a wooded area if your children want to scamper down some short trails.   You can park on either side.  There is a playstructure and swings for the younger set as well.  People were friendly and it will give you a chance to break out your French.  Afterwards, have a walk through historic Aylmer, or drop by the beach/marina for some fresh air.

The park is about 20 minutes from Kitchissippi.  Take Island Park Drive to the Champlain Bridge.   Cross the bridge and turn left almost immediately on the lower Aylmer Road (Blvd de Lucerne).  Continue to rue des Grandes Chateaux and turn left (the house on the corner does have a castle-like turret that you can't miss).  Then take the first right onto rue Louis-Roy where there is street parking and paved pathways to the Park.  If you want to park on the Witchwood side, continue to rue Pine and turn left.  Turn left again at rue Juniper and you will be able to park at the barricade where the road ends (it continues as a paved pathway).  You may not see the play structure right away from this side but it is right behind the trees.  Have fun!