Friday, April 2, 2010

The Sugarbush Trail in Gatineau Park

This is the best place in Gatineau Park for an easy hike with a baby. It's stroller accessible provided you have half decent wheels and is about 40 minutes long without any steep inclines. It's next to the Park's Visitor Centre with clean indoor bathrooms and water fountains! Outside there are picnic tables as well as a large field for some pre-hike soccer or frisbee. For colder weather there's a warm-up hut with wood stove.

For toddlers and older children the river is enticing. It's traversed by a small wooden bridge with railing high enough to keep your children safe provided both feet are on the bridge deck! You can easily see the beaver dam below and with some luck will even see a beaver (we did today!) or some deer. There are paths down to the water though they are probably unofficial.

At the hike's half way point is a bench perfectly timed for a quick snack. Just past that there's a sidetrail leading up to the bear cave (Bear cave?? It's probably just a regular was unoccupied today). The sidetrail reconnects with the main trail shortly after.

La Cigale, the ice cream shop (which has moved to Scott St., ) may be inevitable particularly as the months pass into summer....Yes, their ice cream is delicious (try the hazelnut...mmmh)